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Getting The Most From Your Franchise Exclusive Territory: How Mapping Software Can Help!

On July 08, 2016

The majority of franchise businesses operate on the basis of territories. This is a successful model to use, as in theory it ring-fences a fertile market for a franchisee to develop his or her business, while avoiding market saturation. Therefore, for a franchise business, deciding how to establish your territories is one of the most important business decisions you can make.

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Why Do Some Territories Perform Better Than Others? How Demographic Intelligence Can Help

On July 05, 2016

It is the franchise industry’s worst kept secret that some territories perform better than others. The common reasons given for this are differences in performance among franchisees (some work harder, smarter or more competently than others), or the success (or lack) of the franchise business model itself. However, many franchise territories simply don’t do as well as others, regardless of how...

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