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Should You Franchise Your Business? 5 Factors To Consider

On December 14, 2016

If you’re considering setting up a franchise, you’re not alone; company owners everywhere are considering the many benefits of franchising, including wider network access to businesses and the opportunity for business growth without the added costs of additional staff or space.

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What Makes A Good Franchise Territory? And What Makes A Bad One?

On December 09, 2016

Whether you’ve been tasked with expanding a franchise at home or overseas, the right territories are essential to the success of your business. Choosing a territory with insufficient opportunities is much like trying to plant a garden in the desert. Optimal territories will make your franchisees more successful, and make your job of getting new franchisees a lot easier.

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Tips For Using Franchise Territory Management Software To Grow Your Franchise

On December 02, 2016

Franchise territory management software is an invaluable ally when consolidating and expanding your franchise business. Using a good system such as our Territory Runner platform can help you establish a strong brand by locating high quality franchisees, creating high-performance territories and maximising your franchisee’s productivity.

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