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Tips For Using Franchise Territory Management Software To Grow Your Franchise

Tips For Using Franchise Territory Management Software To Grow Your Franchise NEW.pngFranchise territory management software is an invaluable ally when consolidating and expanding your franchise business. Using a good system such as our Territory Runner platform can help you establish a strong brand by locating high quality franchisees, creating high-performance territories and maximising your franchisee’s productivity.

Here are some proven tips for how you can use territory management software to grow your franchise business:

1) Access All Your Data From One Place

Having one, cloud-based access point for all your business data gives you a huge boost in sales efficiency. Rather than referring to different spreadsheets, a franchise territory management solution lets you create customisable and shareable maps overlaid with bespoke demographic information. This can be viewed as a heat map, showing, for instance, the concentration of different types of business in an area. The same applies to demographic information, which can be drawn directly from the latest census (2011). Learn more about territory management software with this great article - How Can Territory Mapping & Management Software Help You Optimise Franchise Performance?

2) Share Territory Information With Potential Franchisees

Nothing convinces a candidate about the potential returns from their investment better than hard data. The reason that many franchise businesses find it hard to clinch new candidates is the lack of real-world territory information. How can you prove that a territory has the business potential you say it does? With territory management software, your candidates can see the potential for themselves, by sharing bespoke maps giving details on a particular zone. They will immediately know where their competitors are located, where the highest concentrations of customers are and how to find them. It helps you secure more sales by giving potential franchisees the confidence to invest – and helps them set off to a flying start.

3) Restructure Unsold Territories

If you have a territory you are finding it difficult to sell don’t wait around for the perfect candidate to show up. Use territory management software to restructure it into a high-performance territory and sell it to ambitious franchisees based on provable real-world potential. You’ll also be able to use this information to set realistic prices for your territories, giving you an edge over your competitors and providing an attractive proposition for potential candidates.

About Territory Runner – More Than A Software Package

All of these applications and more are made possible with a combination of our services together with Territory Runner, a comprehensive territory mapping and management system, rather than simply an application. Territory Runner is completely cloud based so it can be accessed by you and your franchisees wherever they are located.

Territory Runner allows us to let you see important strategic data by geography. We can import census data to provide demographic information (e.g. the number of 25 to 40-year-olds, the number of homeowners in a given area), or the number of business units of a particular type or size.

If you have a business to business franchise, we can also source data lists and plot where your competitors or potential customers are within each of your territories.

Everything you need to know about improving the performance of your territories

Franchise territory management software is much more than a luxury in today’s fast-paced business world; it is a necessary tool that is critical to your success. Being involved with franchise management at any level means understanding territory management. Our free eBook, The Franchise Territory Optimisation Guide, can help you do just that. Click here to claim your copy and start making your territories work harder for you.

You can also get a free demo of Territory Runner here:

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